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Birberry Finance Ltd - Credit Impaired Mortgages

Credit Impaired Mortgages 

Birberry Finance can offer Credit impaired mortgages to people who think that their past credit history will prevent them from obtaining a regular mortgage. However it is not always the case, as at Birberry Finance we can help with financing credit impaired mortgages. You’re not alone in the search for a credit impaired mortgage! There are lots of packages that are available for people in situations just like yours. But where you may have been turned down by the traditional high street banks, Birberry Finance wont dismiss your case for a mortgage on more than just your impaired credit. 

Most lenders in the UK will charge a premium for credit impaired mortgages and all the usual offers such as tracker and fixed rate mortgages may not be available for those products. However, credit impaired mortgages will give you the opportunity to get onto the housing ladder, giving you more security over your home and your housing options.  

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