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Birberry Finance Ltd - Self Certification Mortgages

Self Certification Mortgages

In our experience at Birberry Finance the self certification mortgage is rising in its popularity as more people are finding harder to prove their income in the traditional ways demanded by many high street banks or building societies. If you are classed as self-employed and cant provide more than three years accounts for example, you would not be considered by high street lenders as a safe proposition; therefore you may be a potential candidate for a self certification mortgage.

The self certification mortgage puts the onus firmly on the applicant to declare what they earn, instead of providing proof in documentation. You may know that you are due a certain level of income, but because you can’t prove it many high street lenders wouldn’t touch you..

At Birberry Finance we can offer special allowances on self certification mortgages which can include payment holidays, in case you have irregular income, or under or over payments, incase your income is regular but the amount is not. These factors are individual to each different case, however, so let us help to find the self certification mortgage that has the best features for you. 

When you apply for a self certification mortgage, Birberry Finance will ask about your current income. The outcome of your self certification mortgage application will usually be based on the income you declare yourself to be likely to receive, rather than on document evidence.

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